Uphill work



Took part in the 10th Dartmoor Classic Sportive last Sunday. As ever, great fun! Over 4000 riders tackling either 50k, 100k or 100 miles across Dartmoor. Lovely scenery, a few challenging climbs and generally a good day out.

I also managed to find the time to finish my orphan quilt top

Slab Dab

It is now awaiting quilting; I am going to try a new idea with the quilting….I thought an orphan block quilt would be a good one to use for practice.

I also bought some heat-resistant batting because I wanted to make some oven gloves; the 1st prototype is done;


made form a piece of improv-pieced patchwork that was in my stash; I think I need to make the division between the thumb and the main part of the glove a bit deeper. Now to test it “in the field” and see if the heatproofing actually works.

And I need to prepare an easy to sew project to dip into over the weekend in between shift working …..



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