Where have I been?

market bag, from Homemade Style by Anna Graham

Where HAVE I been over the summer?

I haven’t been anywhere! But I’ve been overtaken and overwhelmed with non-crafty stuff; finding the time and energy to post has been too hard. I have however carved out a few minutes here and there to sew and make….


A sleeveless top, using Liberty fabric bought over a year ago! I made two more of these, for my sister (the pattern belongs to her!) one of them had short sleeves, the other was made from a length of fabric we found while sorting out Mum’s belongings. It was the first time I had used my bias binding maker; I don’t know why I had avoided it, it was easy to do and the result was great.


Rainbow Clutch bag, also from Homemade Style, a fabulous book full of inspiring but achievable makes;


like this Double-zip Wallet. Very clever construction method!

I have several other makes still to photograph, and loads more in the planning stage, also a sewing room update and several outings to document. 🙂



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