Patchwork Club

work under way

I went to my first patchwork club meeting this week, at the Sewing Machine Centre in Exeter. It was great to see what the other ladies were making, and where they had got their ideas.  Several were making Christmas table runners, all very different, and 2 were just beginning full size quilts, planning how many blocks and how much fabric they would need. I, as usual, was sewing in a more random, lets see how it goes, style;


making these triangular blocks as a direct copy of Crazymom’s recently posted quilt.

not quite as finished as I thought

This was intended to be a shot of the finished top, but I don’t like the proportions and have decided to add another row of blocks. On the hoof “design”. Luckily, as I haven’t used a regular layout, it’s easy to add and make more, without being concerned about having enough fabric; a good tip for patchworkers who dislike planning as much as I do.

Helen, hard at work

Also, my custom made “flowering snowball” templates arrived from Australia. :-), that will be fun to do. Scrappy, obviously.


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