Starting out in patchworking

Because I’ve been sewing and making things nearly all my life, I can’t always remember learning or being taught how to do these things, These days there is a wealth of knowledge available on the internet, for anyone who wants to learn, or improve their skills (me).

“Selfsewn” doesn’t seem to blog any more but she has a good tutorial on how to do English Paper Piecing here. It was one of her quilts that inspired me to get back into patchwork, and my first, EPP, quilt in 2014 was the result


The quilt top, which I had long-arm quilted.

A very good cutting tutorial, here, explains use of a rotary cutter and mat.

Diary of a quilter has a good series of tutorials,  here , with clear explanations of what to do and why, as well as a useful list of the equipment needed.

Missouri Star Quilt Co has lots of tutorials using precut fabrics to make quilts from simple to very elaborate, though they are more focused on the design than quilt making basics.


It doesn’t always go right first time……. 🙂


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