The same but different

I am still making zippered pouches, I can’t seem to stop! There’s something so appealing about small projects like this; they use small amounts of materials, and therefore don’t require a shopping trip, the pieces are easily handled, and the finished item is ready after an hour or two. And there’s something extra satisfying about making three dimensional items (to me, at least); plus, they have the illusion, at least, of being useful. How many zip purses can one person use?

With all that in mind, I tried a slightly different approach. I was lucky enough to get hold of some free offcuts of leather from an upholsterer’s shop, and decided to try making my usual pouches with that…


It was quite easy to sew using a special leather needle, and I rather like it.


I think I prefer this one, denim and leather though; more stylish?


All in all, a success. Now I am making blocks for another quilt.


long delayed

Having been overtaken by events in the last two weeks, I haven’t had a lot of time to do things worth blogging about…

But a few events stand out:

firstly I had a fab morning at St Dominick in Cornwall, learning to use the fabulous long arm quilting machine. Janet, of Eightmaidsaquilting, and her daughter were so welcoming and encouraging; I had a great time, and quilted the whole of my orphan-block quilt (specially made for this session) in about 2 hours. It was such good fun, and now I feel able to carry on producing large quilt tops, as I now have a way to quilt them which doesn’t involve days of backbreaking work guiding them through my home sewing machine

finished top
fresh off the quilt frame
bound and finished!

It was such good fun!


The other thing I did was to take part in the Wild Dart Swim, 2.5k swim and 5k run back to Totnes, also good fun; they gave me a lovely wooden medal.

Since then, in between the other stuff, I’ve made two patchwork napkins


Look how sunny it was that day!

and a zipped purse1467657763610

and have started cutting and sewing blocks for a new quilt

and I made a cake for tea